A collection of fun and challenging, downloadable (PDF) puzzles that teach kids and adults about the brain. Each packet contains the puzzle answers.


K-2 BAW Puzzle thumbnail

For Grades K-2 (5-7 years old):
Brain Maze and Five Senses Crossword Puzzle
Color        Black & White

3-5 BAW Puzzle thumbnail

For Grades 3-5 (8-11 years old):
Five Senses Rhyming Crossword Puzzle and Cryptogram Puzzle
Color        Black & White

6-8 BAW Puzzle thumbnail

For Grades 6-8 (12-14 years old):
Brain Health Word Search and Brain Scramble Puzzle
Color        Black & White

9-12 BAW Puzzle thumbnail

For Grades 9-12 (14-18 years old):
Neuron Word Search, Synaptic Challenge, Brain Anatomy Crossword Puzzle, and Brain Plasticity Fallen Word Puzzle 
Color        Black & White


BAW-Favorites-Puzzle-packet-cover BAW Favorites puzzle series
Ten classic BAW puzzles for all ages.  

SAYB_Puzzle_Packet_Thumb Successful Aging & Your Brain puzzle packet
A series of puzzles on successful aging and the brain.